Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Mr. Mullen’s class

How can I know how I am doing in class?

This year, I will be using Infinite Campus for all grades.  

How much homework can I expect in this class?

Usually math and some form of language arts homework.  Occasionally science or social studies reading, but I try to keep it all under about 1 hour total on average.  NEVER ON WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS!

Can I make up work that I got a bad grade on?

Homework grades – yes.  Tests and quizzes – no.  I usually will give a practice math test prior to the “real” one.  Students will then have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes prior to taking the next test.

What if I am absent?  Do I have to make up the work?

No, you don’t.  You can just get a zero and move on.  You should make it up though because zeros really hurt your grade!  Ask your classmates what you missed on the day you were absent, look in the “Extras” box for any needed worksheets, and turn in the work asap – no longer that 5 days later.

Can I turn in late work?


Are you a fair teacher?

No, I am not.  Every child I get in my class is different and has different needs.  I do my very best to treat each and every child different according to their needs.  Some of you will get different work than others – but it will be what you need.